“I have had the good fortune of facilitating the transformation for many who had stage fright to deliver solo performances and got rid of their phobias, within a span of a few hours. Also experienced in unblocking the infamous writers block”


I have trained child prodigies, celebrities and entire cast for Acting in films. My team conducts workshops – Script writing, Acting and Mime for mass media colleges, theatre groups, professional and amateurs of various age groups from India and Overseas.


  • Film makers who want their entire cast to be trained in depth.
  • New Directors – untrained in art of acting and need desired job done from the actors on set. (Each genre requires specific sensibilities)
  • Lead actors who need assistance to sculpt best characterisation for their act.
  • Film schools, Media and Business schools across the world for workshops.
  • NGO’s working with street children and having zero budget.
  • Royal and High-profile families/Organisations to have strong bonding within members.
  • Politicians who desire to be good orators with spontaneity and impromptu speaking.
  • Sportspersons, Trainers and Artists (painters, musicians, sculptors) to cultivate their talent from a different perspective with creativity and imagination.


I facilitate transformation. Every Acting and Writing workshop conducted is designed as per each participant’s requirements and understanding to create in-depth transformation by removing limiting filters, without being stressed by theories and rules.

For Films, a detailed Acting workshop, from a professional who is not only an actor but also a trained screenplay writer, that explores – more layers to a scene, the use of expressions, eye power, dissolving egos, work on dialogue delivery with minimalistic approach, the use of silence and pauses. The aim is to work towards less or no retakes to deliver natural performances and in turn be a true delight for film-makers and audiences.


For Acting and Writing, without spoon feeding, my process is to unleash the talent(art) stored in the subconscious of each individual and guide them to deliver skills with effective training.

For films, the focus is to connect one on one with the entire cast to deeply enhance the characters which they bring to life along with taking ownership of continuity, the use of property, voice, body language, spontaneity and much more.

My weekly film analysis class open to all age groups from various fields helps to smoothly unlock and craft the writer in each.


Anytime, Anywhere and Anyhow. Offline and Online. My studio is based in Andheri (W) Mumbai, India. Also, we are operational from Dubai, UAE.


When you teach, you learn.