“Producers actually end up saving more on their overall film budget, than they pay us for the services of a script doctor.”


The first ever script doctor to be credited in the Hindi film industry for a musical movie Atkan Chatkan, presented by Academy and Grammy award winner, Mr. A.R. Rahman.

A trained Screenplay writer also mentored by Hollywood Script Doctors. Having a strong background in theatre, worked in various departments of filmmaking- Acting, Direction and Writing. Been a Director of Mime choreography and faculty for Script writing and Acting.

We also bring a concept for the first time in India by providing a bouquet of creative pre-production services under one roof. Such as:

  • Script doctoring,
  • Story boarding,
  • Animatics,
  • Casting,
  • Acting workshop for entire cast.


  • Producers and Directors – to evolve existing scripts, make them competent.
  • Studios – that need a content consultant. Also to find and fix issues for in-house films in post-production along with sound, dubbing, pitch, BGM, edit, colour grade, etc.
  • Lead Actors to identify scripts according to their portfolio, rework their characters for authentic portrayals and in turn make a mark at the nominations.
  • Writers who need professional help.
  • Advertising agencies and Brands – rework pitch/campaigns.
  • Film festival organizers – to showcase the best of Indian or International cinema.


My skillsets offer to enhance any script in pre-production or even films in post-production without tampering their premise. In pre production, the focus to create a compelling screenplay involves:

  • find and fix flaws by giving plausible solutions as per the premise,
  • work on character arcs by infusing organic traits as per the narrative,
  • evolve sub plots, if present or not,
  • condensing scenes into less or one, creating impact,
  • economise dialogue by mostly removing unnecessary,
  • play with pauses, justify screen time for each scene and character,
  • heighten drama by exploring the precise emotional beats and much more.

Films in post-production too have a high scope to be taken to the next level. By avoiding reshoots or by simply enhancing existing timelines. Especially for film makers who have long been consumed by the film process, reaching creative saturation. Easier said than done.  We also offer unbiased Trial screening feedback to add immense value even at the last hour.

In short, each script/film is different and needs to be dealt with differently, even within the same genre, by understanding the seed idea, the premise and the style, film makers choose to go by.


Anytime, Anywhere and Anyhow. Offline and Online. My studio is based in Andheri (W) Mumbai, India. Also, we are operational from Dubai, UAE.


With confidentiality at the top of the list, we have a great team of writers from India and Overseas, the best story boarding artists, who have experience with International projects and National Award Winners. Our studio is equipped to create the Animatics for big budget films or even high-end action scenes. The in-house team has also cast over 650 TV commercials.


From being constantly called upon by friends and fellow film makers at the edit table or even during pre production, to find and fix flaws, arose the opportunity to give the whole process a professional touch. Its painful when the audience critiques the flaws for even an epic movie like Baahub*li, despite relentless efforts by the film makers.